Flexible and competent: forwarding and handling for more than 20 years.

About us

SHS – Schiffahrt Handel Spedition GmbH was founded in 1992 by Hans-Herbert Scherff in Bremen, Germany. A two-person operation, SHS moved to its current location in Delmenhorst in 1998. Here, SHS has approx. 1000 m² of in-door space which includes offices and approx. 4000 m² of exterior space. Additional storage capacities (approx. 800 m2 hall + sufficient outdoor storage area) are available in the external warehouse in Hude-Langenberg. Mr. Christian Scherff has been the managing company and sole owner of the company since January 2015.

SHS – Schiffahrt Handel Spedition GmbH is a medium-sized and owner-managed freight-forwarding and logistics company located in Delmenhorst between Bremen and Oldenburg in the north of Germany. Headquarters are positioned next to the Autobahn 28, giving the company an excellent geographic starting position with the proximity to the North Sea ports in Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Wilhelmshaven, as well as the ports on the river Weser and the Bremen airport.

For over 20 years SHS GmbH has successfully united traditional freight forwarding and industrial / sea compatible export packaging according to international standards (IPPC/ISPM15) under one roof. SHS GmbH is a capable service operator for businesses in the north-west region.

Manager Christian Scherff about the advantages: “We are a reliable partner for our customers. Our know-how and experience puts us in the position to handle any packaging from the smallest machine parts up to large parts and equipment on pallets or sliding floors, partioned or packed in boxes. We develop solutions in co-operation with our customers and make packaging as efficient and economic as possible. We offer a full-service portfolio from the factory pick-up of loose parts up to the delivery of packaged goods at their destination, including customs management and freight organization.“

The previously mentioned traditional freight management tasks such as the handling of goods, storage, commissioning, customs management and container stowing are handled at SHS’s headquarters in Delmenhorst and in the branch ofiice in Ganderkesee. There is sufficient heatable storage space available (including a bonded warehouse) as well as external storage space. In addition to this, the SHS team manages import and export as well as project business worldwide. Whether by water, air or land, SHS handles any demand. Having offices adjacent to storage spaces makes the company extremely flexible and gives SHS a definite advantage over competitors. With our flat hierarchy and fast decision processes we are able to offer customers a high degree of flexibility and service quality. It has always been our goal to come to a win-win situation where all participants in the transport chain are satisfied. Our creed is: ‘Friendly and customer-oriented – we serve people, not markets!’ A reasonable number of employees and a low level of personnel fluctuation strengthens the personal identification with the respective businesses, which is very much appreciated by our customers.“

SHS is member of the Oldenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce. It is also member of the General Association of the Transport Industry in Lower Saxony. In addition to the ISO-9001 certificate SHS has been audited by the Customs Office as Economic Operator. (AEO- Zertifikat DE-AEO-F 105056). This certification ensures customers and authorities about SHS’s tried and trusted services which warrant a safe supply chain.

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Contact Persons

img shs spedition christian scherff

Managing Partner
Christian Scherff
Tel.: +49 4221 9830 50
E-Mail: christian.scherff@shs-spedition.de

Logistics Manager
Certified Specialist in freight traffic + logistis (DAV)
Bachelor of Arts for Int. Business Management (Oxford Brookes)

img shs spedition angela spalthoff

Office & Accounting
Angela Spalthoff
Tel.: +49 4221 9830 90
E-Mail: angela.spalthoff@shs-spedition.de

img shs spedition vivienne nordengruen

Logistics Manager
Vivienne Nordengrün
Tel.: +49 4221 9830 10
E-Mail: vivienne.nordengruen@shs-spedition.de

img shs spedition susanne gartelmann

Logistics Manager
Susanne Gartelmann
Tel.: +49 4221 9830 60
E-Mail: susanne.gartelmann@shs-spedition.de

SHS Martin Fuge

Team leader warehouse
Martin Fuge
Tel.: +49 4221 9830 80
E-Mail: martin.fuge@shs-spedition.de
E-Mail: lager@shs-spedition.de

Specialist for Warehouse Logistics
Handling Technical Gases



SHS – Schiffahrt Handel Spedition GmbH
Lange Wand 16
D-27753 Delmenhorst

Tel: +49 4221 9830- 0
Fax: +49 4221 9830- 30
Mail: info@shs-spedition.de

Postfach 1755
D-27749 Delmenhorst

external warehouse Ganderkesee

c/o SHS – Schiffahrt Handel Spedition GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Straße 1
27777 Ganderkesee
(Gelände Malteser Hilfsdienst)

Tel: +49 4221 9830-0
Fax: +49 4221 9830-30
Mail: info@shs-spedition.de